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Finlakshya caters to both primary and secondary market under the equity segment. The primary market provides the channel for creation and sale of new securities, while the secondary market deals in securities previously issued. The Stock market or Equities market is where listed securities are traded in the secondary market.

Why Equity:

Many people are afraid of stock market investment due to the fear that a fall in stock market might jeopardize their financial security. However, we’re aware that there’s an element of risk in all investments. Holding cash in our bank accounts is considered to be very safe, but historically it has not always provided an adequate hedge against inflation. So, cash cannot be considered as the most effective for long-term investment.

The key to successful stock market investment lies in appreciating the long-term nature of the returns and keeping away from worries of day-to-day uncertainties. Volatility is the reality of the stock market. A disciplined and informed approach will always help in taking control of your money. We always strive to keep our customers informed of all the stock market events to help you make an informed decision

Services provided under Equity Investment:
»  Advisory based Direct Equity Trading
»  Depository Services
»  Portfolio Management Services (PMS)
»  Stock SIP
»  Online & Mobile Trading

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