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About Us

Ethix is a closely-knitted wealth management firm that exemplifies integrity and customer-centricity. Business growth & revenue has neither been our concern nor our priority. Holding on to your values is more important than simply chasing success. The firm adheres to the highest ethical code of conduct while helping our investors achieve their financial goals.

This journey began in 2008 with ten clients across a total investment size of INR 5 Million ( Rs 50 Lakhs). Today we successfully manage a corpus of over INR 5000 Million (Rs 500 Crores) across 400 select families. Apart from winning accolades for best ethical practices, we are also amongst the top distributors in the country.

Investment is simple but not easy, please consult your financial advisor/distributor for long term wealth creation.

Our Pledge to our customers

Lifetime Relationship

It starts and ends with trust. Nurturing relationships over time helps us understand our client's investment behaviours and risk appetite. However, this is very challenging in banks and financial institutes; employees come and go, and so does the relationship.


Fine print impacts investment decisions. We shall impart clear, 'plain talk' communication and help you understand where you are putting your hard-earned money. We go one step ahead by disclosing the revenue we earn from various offerings.

Cost Efficiency

There is no such thing as a free lunch. Every product comes with a price tag that eats into your earnings. Cost does affect gains on investments. At Ethix, investments are based not just on performance but also on the cost-efficiency of the products. On the contrary, returns would be better with lower intrinsic costs.

Need Based Analysis and Asset Allocation

Investors achieve 90% of the portfolio returns with the help of the correct asset allocation(low risk: high risk) and the remaining 10% returns by timing the markets and product selection. The portfolio allocation will align with your future needs, risk appetite & priorities in life. We seldom propose schemes just because they are attractive.

Personalised Service

Clients have access to their portfolio via our personalised App and also from our website. The online portfolio experience is outsourced to one of the country's best vendors. Ethix shall endeavour to provide personalised investment service and offer you a lifetime relationship in Wealth Management. A customer doesn't care how much we know until he knows how much we care.

Note: Our product recommendations are not biased towards the revenue we earn but towards high quality low-cost and veteran products. After all we can’t afford to sacrifice long term relationship with the greed of earning higher commissions.

Client Service Team

Prashant Meshram

Prakash Mehadiya

Devesh Thakkar